New smart home camera introduced [2016/05/17 15:31]

A French firm has designed a camera aimed at recognizing faces and telling people if a stranger has entered their home.

A growing number of homes are adopting security cameras that tell owners if someone has entered. But the cameras do not know if the person is a family member, friend, delivery person or a criminal.

But a new camera made by a company named Netatmo has facial recognition software. It can tell parents at work that their children have returned from school, or that a package has been delivered to their home. It can also tell them if a stranger has entered their home.

“Current security cameras are not that smart,” Janina Mattausch, an official of Netatmo, said. “They can tell you if something is moving but they don’t necessarily know if it’s a human being or, if it’s your kids.”

When family members enter a home, the new smart camera “recognizes” them and sends information to the owner’s smartphone. The owner can choose to see the video then or later.

But if an unknown person enters a home, the camera will send the owner an alert that will cause an alarm to sound on the owner’s smartphone.

That is what happened recently to a smart home camera owner named Damien. He lives in Paris. When he was attending a meeting at work, his phone vibrated. He watched the video and was very surprised by what he saw.

“I saw a person I did not know with his shoes on, which is totally forbidden in my apartment. I asked a colleague to take me back home as fast as possible and I called the police on the way,” he said. The intruder was sentenced to nine months in jail.
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