Koreans in 50s spend more time on social media [2016/05/03 11:24]

Koreans in their 50s spent an average of 57.7 minutes a day on social networking services last year, according to the Korea Information Society Development Institute recently.

This is a 24.6 percent increase compared to the average of 46.3 minutes in 2014. The figure surpasses the average time spent on SNS by those in their 30s and 40s.

As expected, among age groups Koreans in their 20s spent the most time on SNS with an average of 80.7 minutes per day. They spent 63.1 minutes in 2014.

Meanwhile, the overall population’s average time spent on SNS increased by 5 minutes to 65 minutes a day, according to KISDI’s survey of 9,873 individuals.

More recently, more celebrities have begun to voice their political views on social media. These celebrities who freely participate in political and social issues are known in Korea as “politainers.” They include TV show host Kim Je-dong, who participated in a one-man protest against the government’s publishing of state-authored Korean history textbooks for middle and high school students. Kim Jang-hoon, a vocal campaigner for the Dokdo Islets, is another.
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