Positive effect of play on both children and adults [2016/06/15 13:42]

Researchers usually stress the positive effect of play on the developing brains of children. But they have also found that play is crucial for adults, too.

Marc Bekoff, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Colorado Boulder, said that without play, adults may end up getting burned out from their hectic lifestyles.

Adults who do not play may end up unhappy and exhausted without understanding why.

So how can adults get more play into their lives? Scientists suggest three ways.

First, adults should participate in some form of active movement that has no time pressures or expected outcome. This is called “body play.”

Second, adults should use their hands to create something they enjoy. It can be anything, and there doesn’t have to be a specific goal. This is called “object play.”

Third, adults should join other people in seemingly purposeless social activities such as small talk. This is called “social play.”

Stuart Brown, psychiatrist and founder of the National Institute for Play in California, said that people should try to remember what they enjoyed doing as a child and translate those memories into activities that fit their current situations.

What matters is not how people play but that people play regularly, researchers said. The happiness and renewed energy people will experience from playing will more than compensate for the time lost, they added.
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