K-pop stars eager to be Pokemon trainers [2016/07/27 10:43]

The release of mobile game app “Pokemon Go” has the world in a frenzy and Korean celebrities are looking to get in on the act.

Among them are EXO’s Chan-yeol and After School’s Lizzy, who showed their enthusiasm for the game on Instagram.

Chan-yeol uploaded a video featuring the Pokemon character Pikachu on his personal Instagram account on July 13. He also expressed hope that the game would eventually be released in South Korea.

Likewise, Lizzy uploaded on Instagram a video of herself on July 13. It showed her scuttling around to find a Pokemon character and she too hoped the game would be accessible here soon.

“Pokemon Go” has not been officially released here. However, it is available in Sokcho in Gangwon Province and Ulleungdo Island because the map function used in the game apparently classifies those areas as being part of North Korea.

Koreans have reportedly been flocking to these locations so they can play the game, causing bus and train tickets to those areas to sell out.
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