Apple aims to beef up position in fitness tracker market [2016/07/06 14:45]

Apple, a U.S.-based technology giant, recently introduced its new watch operating system at the 2016 Worldwide Developers Conference.

The new watchOS 3, which places more emphasis on fitness and activity, will be released this fall for Apple’s smartwatch models.

“One of the primary reasons people are wearing the watch today is for fitness and health,” said Kevin Lynch, vice president of technology at Apple, at the annual conference.

The watchOS 3 will offer a new app named Activity, designed to allow users to compare their daily fitness accomplishments with their friends and family, adding a social component.

Fitbit, a leading maker of fitness trackers, already offers a similar feature called the leaderboard with rankings of the user’s activity level compared to friends.

Apple announced that Activity will allow the user to send a “racing” heartbeat to friends and receive notifications of their friends’ progress, adding additional features to Fitbit’s leaderboard.

Apple also unveiled another app called Breathe, which will guide users through deep-breathing sessions throughout the day. The user’s heartbeat will be shown after the breathing session is completed.

Apple’s latest move suggests that many customers purchase wearables such as the Apple Watch, Fitbit and the Samsung Galaxy Gear for fitness and health purposes.

According to a survey by the Ericsson Customer Insight on wearable users from Brazil, China, South Korea, Britain and the U.S., 67 percent of respondents said they put on their devices when they exercise.

*technology :기술 *giant :거대한 *recently :최근의 *introduce :소개하다 *emphasis :강조 *release :공개하다 *primary :일차적인 *reason :이유 *wear :착용하다 *health :건강 *annual :연례의 *conference :회의 *allow: 허용하다 *compare :비교하다 *accomplishment :성취 *component :구성요소 *offer :제공하다 *similar :비슷한 *feature :기능 *ranking :순위 *heartbeat :심박수 *receive :받다 *notification :알림 *progress :진전 *unveil :공개하다 *guide :이끌다 *customer :고객 *purchase :구매하다 *purpose: 목적 *survey :여론조사 *respondent :답변자 *device :장치 *exercise :운동
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