Korean archers set fresh record at Rio Olympics [2016/08/31 10:54]

The South Korean archery teams swept the gold medals at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

South Korea captured all four archery titles -- the individual and team events for men and women -- in Rio, an unprecedented record in Olympic history.

South Korea has been dominant in Olympic archery with an all-time 23 gold medals. But it had never won four gold medals at a single Olympics until the Rio Games.

The peerless women’s team, in particular, captured an eighth consecutive team title, successfully protecting the nation’s undefeated record at the Olympics dating back to 1988.

Foreign media praised South Korean archers and their outstanding performances at the Rio Olympics. New York Magazine even said that “if ‘The Hunger Games’ ever becomes a reality,” people should ally with South Korean archers, referring to a dystopian novel and movie seriesfeaturing a televised fight to the death.

With gold medals around their necks, the South Korean archers made a triumphant return home on Aug. 16 and received a warm welcome from hundreds of fans at Incheon International Airport.

Head coach Moon Hyung-cheol said the South Korean archers would continue to work hard and vowed they will also deliver good performances at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
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