Samsung’s mobile chief hints foldable phone imminent [2016/08/17 14:54]

Samsung Electronics’ mobile business chief Koh Dong-jin hinted that the Korean tech giant was working on a foldable smartphone, aiming to launch the first model later this year or early next year.

“We have keen interest in foldable phones that would have a huge impact across industries such as display and battery,” he told Korean reporters on the sidelines of the Galaxy Note 7 launch event held in New York on Aug. 2.

“We are testing (the prototypes) to gauge the launch timing. But it is true that we need more time to meet consumer expectations in terms of innovation and convenience.”

According to industry sources, the Korean tech giant has been pouring resources into developing a foldable smartphone that can be used as a tablet when unfolded.

Sources say the company has already filed related patents in Korea and the U.S., with prototype phones being currently tested.

Samsung is pushing hard on the futuristic foldable display following its success with the curved screen of its flagship Galaxy S7 Edge. The curvy model has already outsold its flat-screen sibling.

The company plans to increase the portion of the curved-screen models, having launched the latest Note phablet with a curved-screen only.

Samsung’s display-making unit Samsung Display is also beefing up production of plastic organic light-emitting diode displays that are more flexible than conventional OLED panels.
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