Use of bomb robot to kill suspect sparks dispute [2016/08/03 13:40]

The use of a lethal robot by the Dallas police in mid-July touched off public concerns over safety, liability and ethics.

The police used the robot to kill Micah Johnson, a suspect who shot dead five police officers and seven civilians at a demonstration.

It was the first time in history that the U.S. police used a robot for lethal purposes.

“Lethally armed police robots raise all sorts of new legal, ethical and technical questions we haven’t decided upon in any systematic way,”said Elizabeth Joh, law professor at the University of California at Davis.

While the military has long used robots for lethal purposes, the deployment of such robot for killing a murder suspect came as a shock.

As many of these robots were not initially designed to be used as lethal devices, they were remade to serve new purposes.

The Dallas police used the bomb disposal robot by attaching an explosive device to its manipulator arm. The police killed the suspect by making the device detonate after quietly approaching the target.

Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown explained that there was no other option but to use the bomb robot.
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