Smart home, the next big thing in home appliances [2016/10/11 14:16]

In the near future, a fridge will be something more than just a cooling machine to keep foods fresh.

Not only will users be able to watch movies on a window-like LCD display, they can also check what food has been stored and for how long. When knocking on the display or operating a built-in camera through a mobile app, users can also view what’s inside without opening the fridge door.
This might sounds like a futuristic concept, but it is what LG Electronics plans to commercialize soon.

SmartThingQ is LG’s smart home system brand. It connects machines through an IoT ecosystem called SmartThingQ Hub. It detects the room’s temperature, humidity, and the levels of carbon dioxide and smoke. It also lets users know when to take clothes out of the washing machine and sends alerts when the machine needs cleaning.

As part of its smart home business expansion, LG has signed a partnership with Amazon to add the virtual voice assistance system, Alexa, to its SmartThingQ Hub, the company said. It will enable users to control electronic devices using voice commands. It will also allow users to check on the weather and personal schedules and turn on music using the devices operated through Bluetooth access.
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