Team doctor: critical force of football [2016/09/07 10:25]

Winning is on most people’s mind when tough football players compete on the pitch for a medal in the Olympics, be it the athletes, the coaching staff or the spectators.

But the mind of Yoon Young-kwon, watching the game beside head coach Shin Tae-yong on the bench, was only focused on helping the players avoid injury and applying quick treatment during the play.

“The most frustrating moment in the Rio Olympics, for me, was when Choi Kyu-baek had a cut in his forehead about 5 centimeters long after clashing heads with a German player,” recalled Yoon, the team doctor of South Korean men’s football team for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Players are exposed to different types of injuries depending on what position they play, Yoon noted. Goalkeepers tend to have bad shoulders due to repeated long throws. They also sustain frequent finger injuries while blocking the ball or scraping their fingers on the ground.

Defenders are vulnerable to head injuries and concussions due to mid-air challenges, while strikers can suffer leg injuries when sprinting. Midfielders are easily exposed to ankle and knee wounds, as they should be both speedy and travel long distances.

The 37-year-old rehab specialist deepened his expertise in sports injuries after he became the Olympics team doctor in July 2015.

Some footballers had visited Yoon’s clinic for treatment and recommended him to head coach Shin as the team doctor.
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