OCD on the rise in Korea [2014/03/27 11:25]

*Frantic and frequent hand-washing, in fear of germs, is one noticeable sign of OCD, or *obsessive compulsive disorder, the Korea Herald reported on March 3.
OCD is characterized by uncontrollable thoughts that force people to carry out repetitive actions in an *abnormal way. The number of patients suffering from the *anxiety disorder has gone up lately in Korea, especially among young adults, the report claimed.
According to the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, the number of OCD patients across the nation jumped to 24,000 in 2013, up 13 percent from 2009.
By age, those in their 20s and 30s accounted for nearly half of the patients, at 24 percent and 21.2 percent, respectively. By gender, men made up about 60 percent.
“These days, people have more things to check constantly such as emails and smartphones in a fast paced life. I believe compelled habits of checking things cause more occurrences of the disorder,” said Jeon Hong-jin, a psychiatrist at Samsung Medical Center in Seoul.
Symptoms vary from checking and touching things repeatedly to repeatedly locking doors before bed for fear of *intruders. In some extreme cases, patients are even preoccupied with thoughts of violence.
They cause tremendous *distress in people’s daily lives, but doctors say that OCD is not an *incurable disease. They say that behavioral therapy and medication can help *alleviate the symptoms.
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