New SR Railway Company to launch super rapid trains [2016/12/21 10:44]

In a small country just over 100,000 square kilometers in area, Korea’s vastly extensive railways have made domestic flying a virtually unnecessary expense and hassle.

Since 2005, the country’s railways have been dominated by Korail, which has been running competition-free over the past decade. However, from Dec. 9 travelers can find themselves with an alternative option, as Korea welcomes its newest contender to railway and bullet train travel -- SR.

“Finally 2016 will mark the start of the ‘customers can make a selection’ generation when it comes to taking the train,” wrote SR CEO Kim Bok-hwan online.

The new rail company is not only offering guests an alternative high-speed train service, but also offering riders cheaper prices and shorter travel times with its SRT (super rapid trains) and utilization of the Yulhyun Tunnel -- South Korea’s longest tunnel and the world’s third longest with a length stretching more than 50 kilometers.

SRT train ticket prices are on average 10 percent cheaper than those offered by Korail. The service also offers reduced travel time. From Seoul to Busan, SR operates a direct service, including two stops along the way, that will only take riders 2 hours and 9 minutes for 52,200 won, compared to the KTX’s 2-hour 34-minute train priced at 59,800 won.

The Suseo SR train can be reached via subway Line 3 and the Bundang Line. For more information, visit
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