A walk through Korea’s latest ‘smart home’ [2016/11/23 11:21]

It’s a cold day on your way home from work. However, minutes before your arrival, the heating system and lights at your apartment automatically turn on -- all through a simple voice command of “initiate return home mode” via your smartphone.

After you park your car, the front gate of the apartment building automatically opens as it recognizes you via the smartphone in your hand. With a simple touch, the door of your warm apartment opens as the pre-set rice cooker announces, “The rice is ready.”

When the stove is turned on to cook dinner, the air purifier automatically begins to clear out the cooking fumes while the windows open themselves.

These are not scenes from a science fiction movie, but some of the features of a new line of connected homes geared for expansion in South Korea, home to a tech-savvy population where many live in urban apartment clusters.

Local construction firm Hyundai Engineering & Construction and mobile carrier SK Telecom showcased their next-generation “smart homes” utilizing the Internet of Things technology and artificial intelligence to offer timely services that accommodate homeowners’ everyday needs.

“We decided to converge built-in home network systems already available in Hyundai’s Hillstate apartments with new devices that connect to SKT’s home Wi-Fi networks to create upgraded smart homes,” said Cho Young-hoon, executive vice president of SKT’s Home Business Office.

While acknowledging the convenience offered by connected homes and IoT devices, some critics have pointed out that poorly secured devices connected online could threaten personal data security.

*arrival :도착 *automatically :자동적으로 *voice command :음성명령 *initiate :시작하게 하다 *via :~을 통하여 *recognize :알아보다 *air purifier :공기청정기 *fiction :소설, 허구 *feature: 특색, 특징 *geared :설계된, 구성된 *expansion :확대, 확장 *tech-savvy :기술 적응력이 높은 *urban :도시의 *cluster :무리 *construction :건설 *showcase: 공개 행사하다 *utilize: 이용하다 *IoT(Internet of Things) :사물인터넷 *artificial intelligence :인공지능 *accommodate: 제공하다 *converge: 집중하다 *device: 장치, 기구 *acknowledge :인정하다 *convenience: 편리, 편의 *critics :비평가들 *threaten :위협하다 *security: 보안
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