Rate of vitamin D deficiency grows in Korea [2015/02/17 10:49]

A growing number of Koreans are seeking medical attention for vitamin D *deficiency, a common condition among those who do not get enough *exposure to *sunlight, a government report showed.

According to the National Health Insurance Service, the number of Koreans who sought medical help for vitamin D deficiency increased *ninefold from 2009-2013 ― from 2,027 to 18,637.

“More people are now aware that vitamin D deficiency can affect one’s muscles, bones and *immunity and is even associated with cancer,” said Lee Sang-hyun, a doctor at the National Health Insurance Service Ilsan Hospital.

“If you are wearing sunscreen on your face, make sure either your arms or legs are exposed to the sun,” he said. If it is not possible to spend much time in the sun, taking a vitamin D *supplement or eating food rich in vitamin D content, such as egg *yolks, mushrooms and salmon, is recommended.
출처: 주니어 영자신문 주니어헤럴드(junior.heraldm.com)