Cisco vows to help Korean IoT market grow [2015/02/06 09:23]

Korea has been considered a global Internet powerhouse since the early 2000s thanks to its fast network *infrastructure. But the *era of the Internet of Things (IoT) may put an end to that, the chief of Cisco Systems Korea argued.

“Korea used to be far ahead of other nations in terms of Internet capabilities, but it is losing *steam and failing to achieve changes, while other nations are quickly catching up,” Cisco Systems Korea general manager Chong Kyung-won said at a media briefing. Chung met reporters to *commemorate the 30th *anniversary of the U.S.-based network firm on Jan. 20 in Seoul.
The chief of Cisco’s Korean business called for the government and businesses to quickly *adjust to the rapidly changing business environment.

“For years many talked about cloud computing and cyber security, but few have acted *in earnest to *beef up their *competence in the fields,” said Chong.

In the face of the IoT era, he said Cisco this year will pour more resources into developing *real-time analytics, which will allow data to be gathered and analyzed on sensors and devices, rather than on *storage systems. The analytics technology is expected to enable faster analysis of “big data.”

Cisco is slated to reinforce its IoT and Intercloud businesses throughout this year. The U.S.-based company *invested $2 billion in Intercloud last year and is expected to make further investments.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

is the connection of devices to each other using the Internet, including ones that do not act primarily as computers. For example, your oven, heating system or washing machine can notify your phone about what it is doing, and your phone can automatically control them according to the instructions you give it.

*infrastructure 기반 시설 *era 시대 *steam 김, 증기, 열기 *commemorate 기념하다 *anniversary 기념일 *adjust to ~에 적응하다 *in earnest 본격적으로 (Ex. State budget work to begin in earnest.) *beef up 강화하다 (Ex. France says it will increase its resources to fight terrorism.) *competence 능력 *real-time 실시간의 *storage 저장 *invest 투자하다
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