Amazon joins IoT era with dash button [2015/04/17 09:40]

U.S. online *retail giant has joined the *Internet of Things by releasing a new button for home appliances.

Once you have “Amazon Dash,” a small button to be mounted on home *appliances, you will get *daily goods on your shopping list delivered *within hours in the United States.

Dash is an *oval electronic device about the size of a pack of gum, and each one is *decorated with the name of a different product, such as detergent, toilet paper, juice, trace bags, etc., according to USA Today.

If an registered user presses the button, the device uses Wi-Fi to send a message to his or her Amazon account, automatically ordering a new stock of products that you are *running out of.

The magical device was released a day before April 1, causing many to wonder if it was one of the hundreds of April Fools’ jokes made by the tech industry. However, the button actually works.

“People typically write a shopping list and then go to the supermarket, but this (button) gives Amazon a way to break in before any of that happens,” Aidan Bocci, a market analyst, told BBC.

“It’s exactly what the firm should be doing if it wants to have a different *approach in the grocery sector,” he added.
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