New Korean satellite blasts off [2015/04/10 09:11]

South Korea has *successfully sent a *satellite into space, the Korea Aerospace Research Institute said on March 26.

The Korea *Multipurpose Satellite-3A, or KOMSAT-3A, was *launched on the early morning of the day at a base southeast of Moscow.

The satellite has been designed to *supplement the three other multipurpose satellites that Korea currently operates.

It is *equipped with an optical lens that can offer clear images of *objects bigger than 50 centimeters in diameter.

The new satellite will help enable 24-hour monitoring of the Earth’s surface *regardless of weather conditions, Yonhap news agency said *quoting KARI officials.

The KOMSAT-3A will circle the Earth around 15 times a day for the next four years, and Korea is planning to develop its own launch vehicle for a test launch in 2019.
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