Korean baseball adopts new rules for two-handed pitchers [2015/03/20 09:28]

The Korea Baseball Organization *adopted a new *clause for the 2015 season for *ambidextrous *pitchers.

An ambidextrous pitcher is an athlete who can use either hand to throw the ball.

The new clause, which was *approved at a KBO committee meeting in early March, was *prompted by the *emergence of a pitcher for the Hanwha Eagles, Choi Woo-seok.

Choi is *known to hit 145 kilometers per hour with his right hand and 135 kilometers per hour with his left hand.

The KBO said such a pitcher must indicate to the *home plate umpire, the *hitter and the *base runners which hand he will use while in the game, according to Yonhap.

The KBO said that an ambidextrous pitcher cannot switch hands, except in case of an *injury, after which he is not allowed to go back to the previous arm.
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