LightSail ready for 1st test flight [2015/05/22 11:52]

If people can travel through space using only light as *fuel, that would be *awesome.

The idea was first *suggested 40 years ago by Carl Sagan, a *legendary astronomer and a cofounder of the Planetary Society, a non-profit science research institute.

Showing up on a 1976 broadcast of the Tonight Show, the *late scientist Sagan said: “Solar sailing travels on the *particles that come out of the sun and the wind from the sun.”

He further said that people could get into the inner part of the solar system much faster riding on a solar sailing *vessel than on a usual rocket.

Scientists today explain that solar sailing is possible as light has *momentum, even though it does not have *mass.

The type of solar sailing vessel, called LightSail, will get its first test run in late May this year, prepared by the Planetary Society.

The vessel will have 32 square meters of *mylar sail material as well as solar panels, a computer, batteries and other flight hardware.

If all preparations, including the test run, go as planned, a real LightSail mission will kick off in April 2016.
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