Tech firm launches fingerprint reader [2015/05/15 11:27]

South Korean security *biometrics system developer Suprema *unveiled a *next-generation fingerprint reader for access control uses, such as *entry to buildings.

The biometric scanner, named BioStation 2, *boasts improved fingerprint *recognition and *data analysis capabilities.

Around 1 million fingerprint *templates and 3 million event logs can be stored in the biometric device, said a company official.

The water- and dust-*resistant BioStation 2 can be installed both *indoors and outdoors.

“The BioStation 2, which is the industry’s most *advanced product, will become a *breakthrough in the fingerprint reader market,” said the official at a Seoul meeting.

Also introduced at the press meeting was the Web-based open security platform, called the BioStar 2.

The security platform can be easily *integrated with other biometric devices and alert systems. Upgrades of the software for the platform can be made online.

The platform is also *compatible with CCTV and Google Maps Engine, and *supports Internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

“A great number of applications will be developed and *incorporated into Suprema’s new security platform,” the official said.

He also vowed to increase the firm’s *footing in the global biometrics market for mobile devices.
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