Things we didn’t know about Pacquiao [2015/05/07 17:14]

Manny Pacquiao, a Filipino professional boxer with a broad background, received spotlight from news media ahead of his “fight of the century” against Flyod Mayweather Jr. of the United States on May 3.

Pacquiao is the first and only boxer to hold world championship titles in as many as eight weight classes.

The website of The Telegraph, a British daily, recently carried a *feature article on him, which *brought his rarely known stories to light.

Born in 1978, Pacquiao grew up sleeping on cardboard boxes. His mother wanted him to become a *priest.

When he was young, Pacquiao often missed school to work at a *laundry to help his mom *make ends meet.

Pacquiao’s father, a heavy drinker, had a *falling out with the son after killing a dog that his son brought home from street.

Pacquiao was told he was too small to be a boxer. Once he even put rocks in his pockets for weigh-ins in front of several promoters.

At age 19, he won the WBC flyweight belt in 1998, and in his trophy cabinet are seven other world titles for super-bantamweight, featherweight, super-featherweight, lightweight, light welterweight, welterweight and light middleweight.

He is also a chess player, a movie actor, a *politician and a basketball player. He represented his home country in many occasions. In 2008, he carried the flag for the Philippines at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

The shortest man to play professional basketball in the Philippines also *taught himself the piano. He is widely expected to run for president when he retires from boxing, the Telegraph said.
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