FIFA President Blatter re-elected to a fifth term [2015/06/12 09:10]

FIFA president Joseph S. Blatter has been *re-elected for a fifth *term of office by the 65th FIFA Congress in Zurich.

After his re-election, Blatter said on the association’s website on May 29: “I want to thank you for the *trust and confidence. I take the *responsibility to bring back FIFA where it should be.” He added that he would bring up FIFA to a stronger position at the end of his term.

In his address to the delegates, the FIFA president said: “Events of this week (a bribery scandal) have *cast a shadow on football and our congress. But the *guilty ones are individuals, it’s not the *entire organization! Now, we, all together, have to *repair the damage.”

He was referring to a scandal in which the United States charged FIFA officials and business executives with *corruption and *conspiracy.

The officials charged in the U.S. face accusations of *racketeering, *wire fraud and *money laundering. Among them was one of the most *influential people in soccer, Jack Warner, a former FIFA vice president.

Warner is suspected of accepting *bribes during host selections for the 1998 and 2010 World Cups, held in France and South Africa, respectively.

News reports said that the bribes were used to influence clothing sponsorship contracts and the 2011 FIFA presidential election.

An unnamed sports equipment company -- identified in multiple sources as Nike -- is *alleged to have paid at least $40 million in bribes to become the sole provider of uniforms, footwear, accessories, and equipment to the Brazil national team.

Years ago, former FIFA president Joao Havelange and the Brazilian Football Confederation President Ricardo Teixeira were both found to have taken bribes worth millions of dollars. FIFA executive committee member Manilal Fernando was also sanctioned with a *lifetime ban for bribery and corruption.
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