Samsung to unveil new tablets [2015/05/28 18:24]

Global tech giant Samsung Electronics plans to unveil its new tablet PC lineup ― Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 and S2 9.7 ― next month, according to news reports.

With powerful *specifications for the new tablet PC models, Samsung reportedly *aims to outpace its *arch rival Apple, the leader of the world’s tablet market.

Analysts *forecast, however, that Samsung’s attempt to outgun Apple may be a long shot.

“It is *doubtful that improvements and changes in hardware of the new Samsung tablets will help Samsung attract customers from Apple,” said an expert from *research institute IHS.

“The Galaxy Tab S2 will not be the strongest *opponent against iPads, but one of many Android tablets to be out on the market,” he added.

The Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 and S2 9.7 are expected to *sport an 8-inch display and 9.7-inch display, respectively.

Rumor has it that the S2 8.0, with dimensions of 198.2 mm by 134.5 mm by 5.4 mm, will be slightly smaller and thinner than the iPad mini 3, at 200 mm by 134.7 mm by 7.5 mm. The 9.7-inch Samsung tablet will also likely be more compact than Apple’s iPad Air 2.
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