Robots greet tourists at Japanese hotel [2015/07/29 16:30]

Speaking robot receptionists are *drawing attention from global tourists in Japan.

Once you step in Henn-na Hotel in southwestern Japan, you face an English-speaking robot dinosaur, who works as a receptionist, according to the Associated Press.

Right *beside him, you see a female humanoid saying: “If you want to check in, push one.”

The hotel reportedly works with the robot receptionist to *cut down on costs, according to the hotel officials.

Hideo Sawada, who runs the hotel, told the AP that he wanted to do something about the increasing prices of hotels in Japan.

Staying at Henn-na Hotel is far cheaper than *ordinary hotels -- Henna-na Hotel starts at 9,000 yen ($80) a night, and the same-level hotels in the nation usually cost twice or three times more.

Henn-na Hotel uses facial recognition technology for their guests. It registers the digital image of the guest’s face during check-in, instead of using electronic keys.

Sawada told reporters that he planned to add other languages, such as Chinese and Korean, to the robots’ vocabulary and open another similar hotel soon.
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