Gwangju Universiade’s mascot – Nuribi [2015/07/23 10:22]

Nuribi has been chosen to be the official mascot for this year’s Universiade in Gwangju. The figure has been named the “angel of light” and “messenger of hope” for the 28th *rendition of the sporting event.

Its name directly *translates as “fly for the world,” deriving from the name of the host city, Gwangju, which means “town of light.” Nuribi’s *wings of light are shown with the colors blue and red, like the games’ *emblem. The mascot was *introduced in 2013, and was created to *symbolize hopes and dreams in line with the event’s vision of “Eco, Peace, IT, and Culture.”

The Gwangju Universiade Organizing Committee stated that the creature also represents the *strength and dynamics of the games, shaped by the energy of light.

The red and blue coloring in the hair is also an important aspect, as it signifies peace and *harmony, like the South Korean flag. The five blue parts of the hair refer to the world’s five oceans, and the six red parts represent the six *continents. The host of the 2015 Summer University Games wishes to promote these elements during the sporting *gala.

The sports mascot can be found all across the country as a doll, artwork, miniature sculpture, key chain pendant, and on T-shirts.
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