A jellyfish that rapidly reorganizes its limbs [2015/07/09 10:39]

A new study shows that when a *juvenile *moon jellyfish loses its *tentacles, it *immediately *reorganizes its *remaining *limbs to hold *symmetry.

Researchers conducted various *experiments, such as *removing tentacles from the *translucent jellyfish. What they discovered in the lab was *incredible.

“Each time, they would start reshaping and reorganizing their bodies,” says Michael Abrams, a biologist at California Institute of Technology.

The process was rather brief, beginning 12 hours to four days after researchers cut off the tentacles. Mr. Abrams and his colleagues characterized their data in the current issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The *realignment is started by the repeated *contraction of muscles that the jellyfish uses continually. Mr. Abrams describes it as “the same mechanical force they use to swim and feed and draw food to the mouth.” In order to thwart the jellyfish from recovering to a state of symmetry, anesthesia would have to be injected to prevent the contractions.
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