SK Telecom to develop 5G-enabled robot [2015/07/02 11:44]

South Korean *mobile carrier SK Telecom is *stepping up its efforts to develop *future-oriented technologies utilizing the firm’s advanced telecommunications networks.

As part of its initiatives to secure new growth momentum, SKT signed a *memorandum of understanding on June 18 with Korean robot-maker Robobuilder to develop emergency response and health care robots that run on the next-generation 5G telecommunications technology.

The two companies agreed to develop *remote control systems running on telecommunications networks, sophisticated artificial intelligence that can sense and respond to human emotions and people’s movements, and advanced transmission technologies of video and audio data.

“SKT will work together with small and medium-sized firms and developers to create business opportunities and achieve *innovations in people’s daily lives with 5G networks,” said Choi Jin-sung, the head of SK Telecom’s research and development center.

He also said the mobile carrier would *take the lead in offering futuristic services with the 5G-supported robot.

SKT demonstrated a concept robot that could be remotely controlled through 5G network technology at an information technology trade show in Seoul this year.

The humanoid robot showcased at the event can be controlled by a user wearing an *exoskeleton *installed with communication sensors.

SKT plans to roll out an upgraded version of the robot featuring video and audio streaming transmitted on 5G networks.
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