Detox cleanse juice -- a healthy way of living [2015/08/19 11:35]

*Endorsed by celebrities and health *nuts around the world, the juice cleanse has become the latest trend in today’s era of fitness and organic eating.

The idea is to *flush out unwanted *toxins from your body and to *pump in *raw, easily *absorbable *nutrients in *liquid form.
Though *variations exist, the most *common method is *fasting for one to three days, drinking nothing but juice every three to four hours.

Herald Corp’s *affiliate Organica has released the Just Juice Total Cleanse pack, the first juice detox program to be launched in Korea. The set helps maintain *blood sugar and energy levels throughout the day, providing vitamins and minerals from various fruits and vegetables. There is a three-day Just Juice Total Cleanse pack with 18 bottles and a one-day pack that consists of six bottles.

There are many conflicting views regarding juice cleanses. *Skeptics say the concept is based on little *scientific evidence. Defenders claim it allows your entire *digestive system to reboot by relieving your stomach of the *laborious task of breaking down food. A cleanse can help *boost your *immune system, bring weight-loss or *alleviate *depression, they say.

The bottom line is, juice cleanses should be carried out with careful nutritional guidance and only for short periods of time.
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