Self-parking cars outperform drivers [2015/10/15 10:39]

The American Automobile Association found in a series of tests that self-parking technology *outperformed *manual parking.

Drivers who used self-parking systems experienced 81 percent fewer *curb *strikes. They also parked their cars 10 percent faster than drivers who did so themselves. In *parallel parking, self-parking systems used 47 percent fewer maneuvers. Some cars completed the task in one *maneuver.

However some cars parked themselves too close to the curb. They were parked 1 centimeter away from the curb. AAA recommends drivers park cars 15-20 centimeters away from the curb.

Despite a better performance by self-parking technology, drivers want to park their cars themselves. Only 1 in 4 drivers trusted it, according to an AAA survey.

Another survey by J.D. Power in August found that 20 percent of new-car owners have never used 16 of 33 available technologies. In the survey, 39 percent didn’t want an automatic parking system in their next car, while 82 percent liked parking *assist but still wanted to control parking manually.

Automakers are pressured by the market to add more technology to their cars. They are trying to develop a self-driving car. Google and Apple are already testing *self-driving cars. But it is unclear whether people will let cars drive by themselves.
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