WTF invites N. Korean taekwondo team for Seoul [2015/09/24 10:10]

The South Korean-led World Taekwondo Federation *invited the North Korean-headed International Taekwondo Federation on Sept. 10 to send its *demonstration team to South Korea.

The WTF seeks to *promote exchanges between the two Koreas by inviting North Korean taekwondo athletes to Seoul in October.
“The *collaboration between the WTF and the ITF will set an example for inter-Korean sports exchange,” WTF President Choue Chung-won told reporters.

The ITF is a Pyongyang-based taekwondo body *currently led by Ri Yong-son.

Ri *received the South Korean invitation two months after his *predecessor Chang Ung had received a similar invitation from Choue in July.

According to Yonhap news agency, Ri expressed his *willingness to send a demonstration team to the South next month.
“We have always been ready. If the WTF sends us an invitation, we will send a team. ... We will cooperate with each other,” Ri said in a recent interview with Voice of America.

*Meanwhile, Choue recently met former ITF President Chang in Lausanne, Switzerland, and they promised to *facilitate the two countries’ exchange in the Korean martial art.

In September 2002, South Korea sent a taekwondo team to the North, and North Korea *reciprocated a month later.
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