What caused Mars to become a lifeless world? [2015/11/18 09:58]

NASA, a U.S. space agency, finally discovered what caused Mars to become a barren, lifeless world.

NASA researchers announced that the sun is responsible for the lack of water and atmosphere on Mars, also known as the red planet. In detail, solar winds stripped Mars of its atmosphere. As a result, Mars is now a dry and arid world.

The process is still happening today, NASA said. Mars’ upper atmosphere is slowly being eroded by solar winds.

The space agency said the discovery could provide new insights into Mars’ history, evolution, and the planet’s habitability.

The findings were made by the Maven mission, which has been orbiting Mars.

Mars’ atmosphere is about 100 times thinner than Earth’s. It is made up mostly of carbon dioxide.

About 4.2 billion years ago, Mars had a much thicker atmosphere, but something happened to its protective magnetic shield.

Consequently, Mars turned from an oceanic world into a dry, barren planet that cannot support life.

Since there is no protective shield, solar winds stripped the planet of its atmosphere.

Today, Mars’ thin atmosphere and distance from the sun mean that Mars is much colder than Earth. The average temperature is about -60°C.
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