2015 hottest year ever recorded? [2015/11/05 11:33]

The year 2015 may be the warmest year in recorded history, a U.S. agency said on Oct. 21, suggesting that global warming is still a serious issue.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which tracks worldwide temperatures, said the average temperature for September 2015 was the hottest of all previous Septembers on record, dating back to 1880.

“September’s high temperature was the greatest rise above average for any month in the 136-year historical record,” NOAA said.

The immediate cause of the record-breaking warmth was a strong El Nino weather pattern. As a result of El Nino, the ocean releases immense amounts of heat into the atmosphere. But scientists said this September’s unusual warmth might have been also caused by human emissions of greenhouse gases.

“The bottom line is that the world is warming,” said Jessica Blunden, a climate scientist with NOAA.

The extreme heat and related climate change are posing a big challenge for politicians around the world. A global climate conference is set to be held in Paris in early December. Politicians and scientists are expected to discuss how to prevent weather-related disasters at the conference.

Politicians are now under pressure to reach a deal to limit future emissions of greenhouse gases and slow the temperature increase.
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