Facebook giving away artificial intelligence technology [2015/12/24 09:22]

Facebook, a powerful social media service provider, said it will give away for free some hardware designs that make computers smarter and more able to learn.

Most artificial intelligence (AI) is powered by software. As the software gets more sophisticated, however, AI relies on more powerful hardware.

Facebook has already freely given away much of the machine learning software it created. Now it is publishing its AI server design under the project named “Big Sur.”

Facebook said its server design would help organizations set up AI-specific infrastructure -- whether they were start-ups, academic institutes or large companies.

A growing number of computing companies are open-sourcing AI tools to help both themselves and others. Opening up the technology is seen as a way to speed up progress in the broader field. It is also a way to help tech companies to boost their reputations and hire key staff.

AI refers to the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. Machine learning gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly told what to do. AI and machine learning are expected to bring innovative changes in the future.
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