Migratory birds in crisis [2016/01/21 11:09]

A number of birds are in serious danger because their habitats are disappearing, foreign media reported recently.

According to the latest study, which examined the migration of almost 1,500 species, 91 percent of them passed through dangerous areas.

The biggest danger for migratory birds is development. Man-made structures and pavements destroy the places where birds stop and feed.

For example, a bird called the bar-tailed godwit migrates from its breeding grounds in the Arctic. It flies all the way to the southern hemisphere in Australia and New Zealand. Along the way, the small birds stop at Yellow Sea mudflats in China, North Korea and South Korea.

One of the scientists who worked on the study said that “many of these critical sites have been lost to land reclamation owing to urban, industrial and agricultural expansion.”

The problem, according to investigators, is that many of these small birds die during migration because they don’t have a safe place to eat and rest. There is no place to restore their energy for the next leg of their journey.

“They simply perish along the way,” says one of the scientists.

Countries in North Africa, Central Asia and those along the coasts of East Asia are having the most difficult time conserving land.

The scientists say these countries do not have enough areas that are safe for birds. In addition, many of the sanctuaries do not overlap enough with the paths of migrating birds.

*a number of 많은 *serious 심각한 *habitat 서식지 *disappear 없어지다 *examine 조사하다 *migration (새, 물고기 등의) 이동 *pass through 거쳐서 지나가다 *migratory bird 철새 *man-made 사람이 만든, 인공의 *pavement 포장도로 *feed 먹이를 먹다 *bar-tailed godwit 큰뒷부리도요 *breeding ground 번식지 *southern hemisphere 남반구 *mudflat 개펄 *critical 위기의, 중대한 *land reclamation 간척 *owing to ~때문에 *urban 도시의 *restore 회복하다 *leg (여행의) 구간 *journey 여행 *perish 죽다 *conserve 보존하다 *in addition 덧붙여, 게다가 *sanctuary 안식처, 조수 보호 구역 *overlap 겹치다
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