Will intelligent machines destroy us? [2016/01/14 09:41]

Will intelligent machines completely replace humans in the future? In recent years, artificial intelligence has been advancing by leaps and bounds. At the same time, more powerful and versatile robots are widely adopted across the world.

For instance, IBM’s Watson computer has become a “Jeopardy” champion. Apple is improving iPhone’s auto-correct technology.

Google’s search engine does an increasingly good job of anticipating what you’re really searching the Web for.

And they are likely to keep getting smarter, better and faster. But that doesn’t mean our future will become something like a fictional story where machines control humans and all jobs are automated.

If history is any guide, though, the world will turn out better than many of us imagine. Jim Bessen, professor at Boston University, said in a recent research paper that the textile industry was a good example in which automation was not destructive for humans.

The textile industry faced a critical crisis in the early 19th century, when automated weaving machines were introduced. Machines initially cut the price of cloth. Over time, however, the lower price increased the demand for cloth as well as machine operators.

Despite labor-saving automation, machines did not make people obsolete, but rather made them more productive, Bessen said.
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