Scientists discover how your brain wakes you up [2016/01/07 17:18]

What activities do you prefer if you have to stay alert when you just get out of your bed in the morning? Drinking coffee might be one of the favorite options for many people.

But there is something more than the smell of coffee that might explain how your brain actually wakes up your body.

A study from the University of Bern claims to have identified a mechanism responsible for the rapid arousal from sleep and anesthesia in the brain. Scientists believe that their findings may help set up new strategies for the medical treatment of sleep disorders.

Professor Antoine Adamantidis said his team was thrilled by the potential implications their work carried in consideration of the ubiquity of sleep disorders across the world.

His team discovered a new circuit in the brains of mice whose activation causes rapid wakefulness. When they stimulated this newly found circuit, they found that they could terminate light sleep.

Researchers said that the circuit could help develop new techniques to treat sleep disorders.

Some sleep disorders are serious enough to interfere with normal physical, mental and emotional functioning. When a person suffers from difficulty falling asleep, it is referred to as insomnia.
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