LG, Intel join forces for connected cars [2016/03/09 10:45]

LG Electronics and Intel have teamed up to develop 5G telecommunications technology for next-generation cars.

They announced their alliance at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, last month.

Telematics, the combination of wireless telecommunications and GPS technologies, aims to improve driving convenience and road safety for connected cars, including futuristic self-driving cars.

LG, which has made a big push in automotive components, is already a market leader in telematics. It had a market share of nearly 30 percent last year, according to market research firm Strategy Analytics.

The Korean tech giant was the first to produce 4G LTE-based telematics products within the industry. It is currently the sole provider for General Motors’ 4G LTE telematics system OnStar.

Industry watchers predict the next-generation 5G-based telematics will increase data transmission speeds to more than 33 times faster than those using 4G LTE.

“By working closely with Intel we hope to build upon our leadership with LG’s next generation of 5G telematics products,” said Kim Jin-yong, president and chief of LG’s vehicle components in-vehicle information business unit.

“LG is an important vehicle component supplier for the joint research and development of 5G telematics,” said Aicha Evans, general manager of Intel’s communication and devices group. “We believe the combination of LG’s connectivity leadership and Intel’s expertise in connected cars, sensor fusion and distributed deep learning will deliver innovative 5G technology for the car.”
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