Drones to improve weather predictions [2016/04/14 10:56]

Scientists are developing unmanned aircraft that can gather weather information from the atmosphere.

The aircraft, widely known as drones, could help weather experts improve their predictions.

Meteorologists say their weather forecasts would be more accurate if they had information from many parts of the atmosphere.

They already place satellites, drones and balloons at different altitudes. But that information only helps experts predict weather conditions for the next few days. It does not help predict changes in the next few hours. This is very important where sudden, violent storms happen.

So scientists at Oklahoma State University are developing new drones to gather information from more parts of the Earth’s atmosphere. This will help forecasters improve predictions about local weather conditions.

Jamey Jacob and other scientists at the university are developing small drones that do not cost a lot of money but can fly for hours.

The drones are designed to gather information from many atmospheric levels.

“Oklahoma is a really good, good example because we’re living in a very weather-dynamic state,” said Jacob.

Another scientist said the drone program should give researchers a low-cost way of understanding storms better, and improve computer-based forecasting. The new drones can measure atmospheric conditions, send live video to forecasters, and help search for people hurt in storms.

Researchers say they still have a lot of work to do before the drones are ready. They say it could be two years until a drone can safely examine Earth’s lower atmosphere.
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