Lee Se-dol proves human intuition still powerful in Go [2016/03/23 15:33]

Korean Go master Lee Se-dol has proved human intuition can still surpass the ever-evolving technology of artificial intelligence, with his first victory against Google’s program AlphaGo.

“This single win is so valuable and I would never exchange this for anything in the world,” Lee said after the victory on March 13 in Seoul.

Demis Hassabis, CEO of DeepMind, the AlphaGo developer, also expressed his respect to Lee for his victory.

“We are very happy about Lee’s victory. This is why we came here to test AlphaGo’s limit and improve the program,” he said.

Strictly speaking, Lee is not the best Go player today. China’s teenage prodigy Ke Jie, 19, is the highest-ranked player, followed by 23-year-old Korean Park Jeong-hwan and Japan’s Yuta Iyama, 27.

Lee, the No. 4, is also more than 10 years older than the top players. Like in other sports games, younger players in their teens and 20s show their best performance in Go as well.

Then why did Google choose Lee to play with AlphaGo?

Data should be one of the key factors. Lee who turned pro at the age of 12 has more than 20 years of experience, which means he has more old matches for AlphaGo to study and learn from.

Another factor is his personality. He is known for his aggressive and unconventional style of play. And unlike other Go players, who were skeptical about playing against a computer, he showed willingness to try.

With the latest victory, Lee became the first professional Go player to win against AlphaGo.
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